RBX Créations

RBX Créations is a start-up created in 2016 involved in the development of efficient solutions

to support sustainability, resiliency, biodiversity. 

The adventure started with the launch of  Gorfoo clothing & accessories brand, which highlights materials with a lower impact on the environment 

through comfortable and durable products designed for every day life.

Working on hemp & other materials at Gorfoo led us to develop innovative & sustainable textile fibres, 

the Iroony fibres. They combine the ecological assets of hemp with performance & technicality to be widely used. 

Our goal is to increase the positive impact of the textile sector

and decrease its negative impacts. By using Iroony, you will contribute to : 

> LESS :

water used

water polluted (by chemicals, micro-plastics,...)

forests damaged

agricultural land damaged

transport required

> MORE :

carbon captured

biodiversity preserved

soils regenerated

ecosystems protected

territories resilience

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